2018 Hapgood Pinot Noir

2018 Hapgood Pinot

HAPGOOD The Hapgood Vineyard is located across the road from our Machado vineyard and is situated at the end of Hapgood Road. In slightly richer soil, the vineyard is planted to the Mount Eden selection of Pinot Noir. The elevated clay loam content results in larger volume and a more dense palate expression. Our most recent installation, planted in 2010, is this small 2-1/2 acre section of pinot noir planted to Merry Edwards clone.


Only neutral Sirugue barrels are used for 12-18mos. We strive for whole cluster fermentation. We farm with a focus of ripening the stems alongside the fruit, allowing the cluster to be in harmony. Working with the stems allows for wines that are structured, earthy and balanced with our beautiful SRH fruit. We often use the analogy of roasting fish or meat on the bone, the bone offers complex flavors very different than taking it off of the bone to cook it.


All of the wines are produced with the intention of aging and cellaring for at least 10 years and can easily be enjoyed after 15 years.


Vibrant Dark Fruit, Spice


Blueberry, Earth, Red Plum


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