2019 Ex Post Facto


Unbeknownst to many, Greg Brewer has been crafting seductive and compelling Syrah for 25 years. It’s not Syrah through a Pinot Noir producer’s perspective; it is Syrah through the lens of experience in distinctive cool-climate Santa Barbara wine country. The release of our fourth vintage delivers the exacting texture and pleasure you have come to know. Ex Post Facto, translated to mean “After the Fact”, encapsulates Greg’s slightly deviant desire to go outside his Brewer-Clifton paradigm to explore an outside muse.

95 points – Wine Enthusiast, Matt Kettman, August 2021
“This is cool-climate Syrah on full amplification, courtesy of Greg Brewer. Aromas of cracked peppercorn, tar, graham cracker, raw lamb and elderberry show on the nose. The raw-meat flavors of the nuanced while bold palate are intense, and dusted with accents of pepper, bay leaf, rosemary and lavender.”

  • 95
    Matt Kettman, August 2021

Coldest climate
Sixty days on the skins and stems
Most exhausted cooperage
Peppercorn, black cherry, raspberry
Firm, dry, persistent

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