2018 Diatom Release

2018 Katherine's Diatom

2018 Diatom Katherine’s Chardonnay

Katherine’s is sourced from the north-west corner of Cambria’s Santa Maria Estate vineyard influenced by the cool maritime climate provided by the Pacific Ocean. This block is highlighted by forty-eight-year-old, self-rooted vines planted in gravelly loam soils.

Citrus Blossom, Mineral

Green Apple, Lime

Saline, Precise

B149AF32-4122-41A7-B7B9-0F913F6D48B5 B149AF32-4122-41A7-B7B9-0F913F6D48B5
2018 Diatom Santos

2018 Diatom Santos Road Chardonnay

This is a single clone (Hyde) bottling from a sandy parcel within the 3D Vineyard. To avoid confusion with the Brewer-Clifton 3D Chardonnay, this wine was named after Santos Road, adjacent to the 3D Vineyard. With access to only 1.5 acres, the production of this wine is limited.

Pineapple, Citrus Blossom

Honeydew Melon

Dense, Exacting

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“The Pursuit”