Farming & Viticulture

Sustainable & Responsible

In 2005, with vineyard manager Francisco Ramirez and soil consultant Stan Kadota we created our own farming team. Our main tenet has unwaveringly been a commitment to sustainability. We have an uncompromising commitment to quality and wholeheartedly support our vineyard team and all of their decisions. Our choices are based not only on what nurtures the soil, vines and fruit but most importantly to everyone who works collaboratively to arrive at our communal objectives.


The initial years of our undertaking were devoted solely to the heralded Mount Carmel vineyard which we farmed from 2005 through 2011. From that point, we then planted four strategically located vineyards along the Highway 246 corridor of the Sta. Rita Hills to take advantage of the diverse mesoclimates nestled within our stark, marine influenced landscape. From our first installation of 3D in 2007 through the strikingly complex undertaking of Perilune in 2017, each site has already proven to provide a seamless complement to the others of the quartet. While beautifully singular on their own, collectively they demonstrate a complete voice of our cherished appellation.


Peter Mateus is now the conductor of this orchestral collection of vineyards, having joined our team in early 2019. From his very first day, Peter’s awareness and sensitivity towards the totality of our operation resonated deeply with all of us. He brings not only a wealth of experience from other wine growing operations, but even more importantly a care for people, a work ethic and attention to detail that is truly inspiring.

Peter Mateus

Peter Mateus and his three sisters were raised by his parents in the San Fernando Valley. He was first introduced to agriculture while visiting his eldest sister at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. These trips opened his eyes to the quality of life farming could offer on the Central Coast. He was able to follow his sisters’ footsteps and attend Cal Poly while earning a degree in Agricultural Business. His path to farming first took a detour to winery production while working as a cellar hand for Ken Volk, a pioneer for central coast winemaking.

In 2013, Peter refocused on a career in farming and started from the ground up. He worked a full growing season through an FLC on the Bien Nacido Vineyards property, starting with Suckering and ending with Harvest. He soon became Assistant Vineyard Manager under Chris Hammel. He spent 3 years gathering knowledge and experience farming world class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Peter then took a Vineyard Manager role with neighboring site, Rancho Sisquoc. After 3 years of farming and living on property with his wife while raising their first son, Peter took his current role as Vineyard Manager for Jackson Family Wines. Here he tends to vineyards in Santa Rita and Los Alamos, with a strong focus for Brewer-Clifton Vineyards.

Peter was first introduced to Greg’s wine in 2013 while he and a friend visited the Brewer-Clifton Tasting Room in Lompoc. “I had an instant admiration for these Single Vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Wines. From that day, I always held Brewer-Clifton as the benchmark for premium wines from Santa Rita. To be able to work with Greg on these sites is something I take a huge honor in. Greg’s compassion, dedication to his craft, and unmatched work ethic is very inspiring,”

Peter lives on the Central Coast with his wife and two sons. They value the outdoors that this area has to offer. The Mateus family enjoys spending their time together at the beach, on local hiking trails, or barbecuing in the backyard with friends.

“Due to our neutral and subtractive approach within the cellar, our winery is completely reliant on the vineyard team and the grapes that they steward. The composure, confidence and discipline that Peter demonstrates drives not only the operation but ultimately informs all of our wines. I feel so privileged to work with him and look forward to what the future holds as we all continue to develop together.”

– Greg Brewer