Vineyards & Viticulture

100% Estate

Our approach is simple, paying careful attention to signals from the vines and nature, responding to those with individually prescribed techniques. As each vineyard has its own unique requirements, we manage each according to their inimitable needs. Using sustainable farming methods we are working to achieve a balance between the site, the vines, and the microclimates in each vineyard.


Our approach to chardonnay is one which incorporates tradition with precision and restraint. The unique oceanic qualities of the Sta. Rita hills Chardonnay first caught our attention. Focused on citrus notes and and a saline quality that promotes an age worthy structure, the uniqueness of a wine region bordered on two of its four sides by the Pacific Ocean is clear. The grapes from each site are handled identically from arrival to the cellar through bottling, allowing for the essence of each site to be expressed.


With pinot noir we strive to remove the winemaker’s signature, allowing the voice of the vineyard to be the overriding expression. Utilizing a protocol of minimal intervention and whole cluster fermentation, stems play a vital role in both our farming and fermentation processes, ultimately adding structure to the wine. They are an integral part of what we receive from the vineyard and offer architechture to the wines, allowing them to gain complexity and depth as they age. The fruit from each vineyard is handled identically from harvest to bottling, allowing the true essence of the site to best be expressed.